Summer’s almost over. I’ve noticed the season changing during the past months mostly through my window. I’m enjoying my annual hibernation from the humidity, the seemingly everlasting sun, and the bugs who think I’m their dawn or dusk snack. Though I’m a summer recluse by choice, I’ve been to several states — virtually, of course — for writing conferences mostly, making new friends in same-sized boxes in various Zoom rooms. In fact, I’ve “traveled” more in this one summer than in any summer before. Silver lining to an awful national experience. I find them where I can.

When 2020 began, people joked about clear vision. We had no idea the clarity that would emerge. I hope we do what we can in each present moment, for the rest of this year — heeding the science and dealing honestly, urgently, with COVID-19 while at the same time not just empathizing with but finally truly answering the long-standing cries of injustice. I’d hate to see 2021 become a year focused on the lessons of hindsight.

Time ticks along. I have no idea what day it is by the calendar, but I do know it’s a good day. Because I make it so.