Welcome to my tiny space on the Internet. This site has been many things through the years, but now it’s a placeholder. It sits and waits to see if I’ll return to blog about the world around me. I don’t know if I ever will.

I used to. I also used to write commentary about the world around me, too. Some of those pieces still live here, so this space is also a teeny museum to who I’ve been in the past.

Who knows who I’ll be in the future?

The world spins and every day is an opportunity to grow, and to bring peace and joy to the world. That’s why I’m not writing commentary posts here or columns anywhere lately (or perhaps anymore). I’m keeping busy in other important ways.¬†Thanks for visiting, though.

Enjoy your stay. Enjoy your day. May your world and your heart be filled with peace.


When not being creative in some way, I’m reading,TLJ b and w small watching¬†Jeopardy!, playing board games, baking, engaging in robust conversation, and taking classes for fun. My writing focus is memoir and creative non-fiction now.