It’s summer and it takes a few weeks to get the hang of slowing down and often doing nothing. The humidity punishes those that don’t. Mother Nature demands that the pace of life change for a few months. OK, OK, I give.

This year, summer and I have attempted to become friends (its energy-sucking humidity and heat kept us apart). I spent time in June walking about, looking at flowers, watching bees do their work. Towards the end of the month, though, the bugs that bite decided I was too delectable, so now I hide inside, usually near an air conditioning vent. And I enjoy the view from behind the glass where they can’t get me.

I go the opposite direction of the crowds and find myself on empty streets often. I’ll visit the sites the throngs have invaded, like the beach, in the fall.¬†Only a month and a half or so until we start gearing up for fall. It’ll be here before we know it. Time goes faster in the summer somehow. All those throngs having fun, I guess.

Thanks for visiting. If I could, I’d offer you a glass of cold black iced tea.

Enjoy your stay.

When not writing or taking photos, I’m reading,TLJ b and w small watching¬†Jeopardy!, playing board games, baking (not so much in the summer), engaging in robust conversation, and taking classes for fun. I’m currently also enjoying air conditioning, glasses of cold black iced tea, and the occasional afternoon nap.