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I love words. I grew up reading constantly and scribbling in endless notebooks. I knew I wanted to be a writer. So that’s what I became.

During college, I wrote the Take the Kids entertainment column, the Love Story wedding section couple profile, and more for The News Journal. After college, I focused on Delaware’s older population as the Editorial Coordinator and writer for the monthly Better Years. In 2006, I started freelancing.

Since then, I’ve written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, and websites about writing, seniors, children, veterans, weddings, business, real estate, arts and entertainment, and community news, as well as profiles and commentaries/opinion columns. I’ve been honored with more than 50 awards (many First Place) for editorial excellence in a variety of categories in Delaware Press Association’s annual Communications Contest.

  • The About page provides more information about me and a list of places where my articles and essays haveĀ been published.
  • On the blog TLJ’s Thoughts Today, I discuss recent publications, the writing process, topics or thoughts that didn’t make it into published articles, connection, creativity, and more.

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