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I’m a writer. Words have always been a huge part of my life: from the haiku, poetry, and essays I wrote in elementary school, to the essays and poems I wrote in high school, to the articles and essays I wrote in college, to the features I wrote as a reporter after college, and the myriad works I wrote as a freelancer — essays, reviews, commentary, profiles, and community news, articles on business, older adults, weddings, kids, community groups, the performing arts, and more.

In 2016, after 10 years of freelancing, I rejoined the regular work week world (weekends off — what a concept!). From Monday through Friday, I use my communications and other skills to help others. I still write the occasional commentary/opinion piece. I spend my artistic energy now on personal creative writing projects and photography.

Writing allowed me to get to know others, to meet some really cool and interesting people, and to shine a light on important issues. It also allows me to express myself, to learn about myself, to understand thoughts and feelings, and to explore my own story.

When not writing or taking photos, you can find me reading, watching Jeopardy!, playing board games, baking, sipping iced or hot tea, engaging in robust conversation, and taking classes for fun.

Life is a journey filled with new roads and detours. I like making my own path. Who knows who I’ll meet or where I’ll end up next?

Welcome. Enjoy your stay.