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Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro in True Detective Season 2

That’s some mustache. ©HBO

The mustache was the best part

Season one of True Detective was flawed but extremely enjoyable. I watched season two hoping that it would get better. It didn’t… The dead guy, Caspere, had his eyes gouged and the sockets burned with acid. I feel the same way after sitting through it… If you ask me what season two is about, I can’t answer without a PowerPoint presentation and at least an hour. Read my True Detective season 2 review.

Do I need a Hazmat suit to read library books?

Did courtesy go out of style and no one told me? I don’t expect everyone to treat books as holy, but taking a little care would be nice. Read my essay on the abuse of my beloved library books.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer StampRudolph and I are misfits
Rudolph is a timeless classic for a reason. For 50 years, his nose has lit up, signaling that he’s a misfit. I was, too, and he made that O.K…. Oh, and his BFF, Hermey… Hermey, too, was a weirdo. He didn’t want to make toys like the other elves; he wanted to pull and drill teeth. O.K., that is weird; but I support elves’ rights to be whatever they want to be… Read my essay about the most famous reindeer of all.


POW: It would be easier to be dead

There is a fate worse than death. Being trapped. Being held. Being far away from home, for years, without knowing if they know. Being forgotten. Feeling like you’ve been abandoned, and hoping that’s not the truth. Having ceaseless thoughts of “What if?” The worst question ever invented… Read my creative nonfiction piece in VietNow National Magazine.