No need to check my list twice. I am done! I’ve purchased all my presents, which are wrapped and ready to go. I sang Christmas carols while writing out my cards, which are signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered. I dropped off gifts at local charities and made the donations I wanted to. As the pace of things to do began to quicken towards November’s end, I made the decision to finish every holiday-related task by December 1 so I can really enjoy the month and the holiday season. I succeeded! I even watched “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” already. Thank you, TV station that showed it the night before Thanksgiving, for keeping me well ahead of schedule. *holiday happy dance*

Now, I can sit back and relax until the big day — and the big guy — arrives. No stress. No headaches. No endless searches for parking spaces or suffering in-store Scrooges’ lack of Christmas spirit (mobbed malls make for perturbed purchasers). No more waiting for packages to arrive from online sellers and no more searching for free shipping codes!

I’ll just be singing, and jingling, and merry-making for the next 23 days, oh, and getting my oatmeal and glitter ready to leave on the lawn so the reindeer know where to land, of course. I will watch “Rudolph” again, as it’s my favorite (does that make me a misfit?).

I’ll also be hoping I get what I really want this year. Technological doohickeys? No. The latest and greatest fashions? Nope. Material things are nice to have and fun to give, but my real Christmas wishes are much simpler. I want peace, smiles, laughter, the continued awareness to stop and see the sights and sounds around me (especially this time of year), and the ability to truly feel joy with abandon and to help others do the same.

I wish all those things for you, too. And if you still have things to do on your list, I hope you get tick them off one by one with a smile.

Remember… he’s watching….