Reality is in the eye of the beholder.

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed that idea with one of the three artists and the curator involved with the Imaginary Reality exhibit at Main Line Art Center (through April 30).

Jennie Thwing paints and makes things, but her true art reveals itself when the videos using stop animation are completed. Her goal is to recreate moments or feelings and to explore the process of making art, and to share her unique take on the world we live in. I admire creativity in all its forms and I aspire to put myself even more into my writing and share my work as openly and whole-heartedly as Jennie share her art.

See Jennie, her art, objects that come to life, and the room with her view in the video below (which is part of the exhibit along with prints and things from the room she created).

Make sure you look for the pillow that appears to be breathing….

My Black Hole from Jennie Thwing on Vimeo.