12x9One of the great things about theater is its ability to bring audiences into worlds they may not be familiar with while showing the connection of humanity and struggles we all face. The drama 12’x9′ is set in a prison cell, but many suffer in cells of their own making — in prisons of the mind.

“You imprison yourself,” said writer-director-actor Fred Thomas Jr.

FRED-THOMAS-JR.Thomas, a South Philly native, brings his NAACP award-winning play home next weekend (June 13-15) — to read about that, click here. Our interview covered a lot of ground — his background, his beginnings in the creative arts, as well as his comedic side (Thomas is one of the Budweiser Whassup ad guys).

The play makes its East Coast debut at the historic Freedom Theatre June 13 through 15.

A Philly boy comes home to share a project made with heart and soul and to deliver a message of hope.