The holidays have come and gone, and Winter is settling in. But don’t let the chill keep you indoors! Bundle up and venture out to catch the Good Neighbors art exhibit before it closes Jan. 11 at Ursinus College’s Berman Museum. (If you’re not in the Philadelphia region, or you’re not willing to brave the cold, sit back, relax, and just enjoy some leisurely reading.)

I wrote about this unique installation for two publications, each looking at the concept in an individual way. The articles include information on the artists’ processes, their inspirations, and their experiences with creativity and connection.


Kay Healy, Coming Home, 2012, Dining  Room.

Kay Healy, Coming Home, 2012, Dining Room.

Artist Kay Healy explores the concept of what home means through two- and three-dimensional fabric displays. I was fascinated by her technique, but even moreso because she had to spend time in conversation with her subjects in order to create pieces in her work that reflected their perspectives.

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Emily Smith Satis Christian, 2012.

Emily Smith Satis
Christian, 2012.

Artist Emily Smith Satis also had to spend time with her subjects. Her goal was to get to know better the people in her neighborhood, especially those who are sometimes marginalized or ignored. She had to gain their trust, but once she did, she enjoyed getting to know them and creating works to share their stories.

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Ah, art ~ getting to know our neighbors and ourselves.