I made it! July is over! Will this mean the worst of the summer season heat has passed?

We’ve been suffering a heatwave for more than a week and I’m so hoping the meteorologists get this one right: it’s supposed to end today. It’s possible we’ll have more 90-degree days, but 90 in August feels a lot better than it does in July.

I’m gathering my notebook and pen and my camera, keeping them ready to go each day after I do what’s needed. I haven’t been able to get out and explore for a bit — July and I have never gotten along. But August and I are old friends.

I like it because it leads to my 2nd favorite month of the year (my birthday month is my all-time fave) and to the beginnings of Autumn. Plus, with the sun setting a wee bit earlier, and Earth starting to lean in a way that no longer makes the innards of my car feel like an Easy Bake oven, I’m anticipating some cooler days/nights and more outdoor fun.

I still have deadlines and will be adding a few articles to the By TLJ page (that updates most Wednesdays), but I won’t post here again until September 9 (boy, Labor Day is late this year). Hopefully, some of the away-from-the-computer time will furnish me with some fun tales and photos to share upon return. Plus, it’s just good to get away from technology and the busyness every now and then, isn’t it?

Rehoboth Beach Sunset

To reading! To writing! To exploring! To dipping toes in the ocean and burying them in the sand! And to lots of time doing lots of nothing!

Until September 9… Have a wonderful rest of your summer!