Hello! Welcome back to TLJ’s Thoughts Today! I hope all is well in your world. I blame the new school years of my youth for making this time of year feel more like a new beginning than January 1. It still feels like summer, though it’s (unofficially) over. Heat wave number 6 means Mother Nature’s not giving up without a fight. That’s one thing that actual New Year’s has over this one — at least in January it’s not 95 degrees.

The past months flew by, of course. I spent a lot of time away from technology and writing, but I did have some pieces published:

If you suffered through the second season of True Detective and agree that the best part was Colin Farrell’s mustache, read my review.

Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro in True Detective Season 2

That’s some mustache. © HBO

If you like a well-told story featuring an actress you may not think has dramatic chops, then read this review. She’s not just another pretty face, though people made such a big deal about her not wearing make-up in this role.

There are a few other links on the By TLJ page. Some of the events (like the Fringe Festival) are ongoing. Some of the artists I spoke with are extremely brave. Stop by and get to know them.

What other fun will this new year bring? Only time will tell! To new adventures! (and cooler temps!)