Autumn Moods from ParksRec Guide with WMAutumn Moods, my first photo exhibit (at the Middletown Township, Bucks County Municipal Building) is coming to an end. It was a thrill to have two of my photos selected to be included in this exhibit. It’s cool that my first exhibit focused on my favorite season (winter is a close second). The photos I took that the review panel included:

Country Road

Country Road WM

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, respite is found. I feel like I could drive forever, like the sky’s the limit. Where will this country road take me? All too quickly back to civilization. But I carry the feeling of open space with me.



Cascade WM

Trees stand tall and show their true colors in Autumn. Their branches reveal who they really are and let us revel in their beauty.

Won’t be long until I’m taking snow-covered photos soon. Can’t wait!

To see a slide show of all the works in the show, made by one of the artists in the show, click here.