If you’re laughing while working, it’s not work. That’s been the norm for me this year. I hope this trend continues. Laughing’s becoming my cardio.

smiley-432567_640It started at a gig in which I discovered people who like to laugh, especially one with a similar sense of humor and a complementary, almost-encyclopedic memory of movie quotes and song lyrics for all occasions. Days fly by when the simplest things make you chuckle.

Yesterday as I was heading out for lunch, I joked that I’d check on the geese at the lake and make sure that their little flippy feet weren’t frozen to it.

“If they are, did you know they’ll ‘fly away and take that lake with them?'” she said.

“And that lake will end up somewhere in Georgia,” I said.

(For the non-movie-fluent, those lines are from Fried Green Tomatoes, which we both have seen and love, but had never discussed before.)

It continues with interviews for articles, as it often does. Not all interviews are chuckle-fests, but many people I interview are creative types and have quick wits and great senses of humor. A recent interview with Philadelphia playwright Bruce Graham led to many laughs, and an actual conversation (rather than a question and answer session), mostly about comedy. People laughing while talking about comedy? How meta*.

Those who know me well know I’m a big fan of laughing. I had to write my obituary once for a writing class. How did I die? During a fit of laughter, of course.

Being able to laugh while working is such a great gift. Forget whistling while you work — laughing’s where it’s at.

*meta: (Of a creative work) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.