New Road
On New Year’s Day, I said that 2016 is a year of change, and the biggest happened around June 1. After 10 years of full-time freelancing*, I decided to do something else. With shrinking budgets and readerships, and after so long, it was more than time to focus more of my energy on other things.

Will I give up writing? NEVER. I occasionally write articles for two editors. But most of my creativity energy is reserved now for personal and other creative projects that I didn’t have time for when freelancing. I also work in an office using my communications and other skills to help people. The change has gone smoothly and I am more than happy with my decision.

The change means that my e-newsletter, TLJ’s News, will no longer be sent regularly. Subscribers will receive one when an essay or big article is published (I’m going to focus any journalistic energy I expend on commentary/opinion, the arts, and veterans’ issues), or if my photos are included in another exhibit, like last year. My website and blog will still be around, but the blog will be changing. Stay tuned to see how it evolves.

To change and growth, to new ideas, dreams, and adventures in the future… and people with whom to share the journey.

*Full-time freelancing = writing full-time while also usually working part-time somewhere. La vie bohème!