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Independence Day gave me independence from life for a few days, which was nice. I spent time, writing, reading, and clicking links on the YouTube. One link led to a bit by the great George Carlin. He noted that America’s founding is a bit of an oxymoron. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. Of course, all men literally meant only men — not women, not slaves.

I myself had often opined that Thomas Jefferson was my favorite slave-owner, acknowledging that he was brilliant, but it’s also ludicrous as the Declaration of Independence didn’t apply to everyone. Twas a sign o’ the times, you know, and I get that (as I’m sure Mr. Carlin did). Thankfully, we’ve made great strides as history continues to unfold and evolve. I couldn’t help but think this year, though, that sometimes we take steps forward, and sometimes we take steps back.

This July 4th, I listened to patriotic songs, ate hot dogs and beans, and sang Happy Birthday to America. I waved a flag (it was American!) and appreciated the idea of the greatest democratic experiment in the history of the world (except, you know, for other democracies that came before ours, but I quibble).

I found myself chuckling — it seems so appropriate (and unfortunately so American) that the country founded via oxymoron is currently led by an actual moron.

(Politics aside, he really doesn’t seem too bright.)

God bless America (seriously, we need all the help we can get).




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  1. Politics was always a sideshow, posturing, optics, etc., but Clowny McClownpants has made it a literal sideshow. It’d be funny if it didn’t have implications that could affect people and it wasn’t just so embarrassing.

    Where are we going? Hell in a handbasket? Should we all learn Russian? ;-)

  2. Thanks, Kris. His “performance” at the G20 just adds to the moronitude.

  3. Yes, he’s not too bright at all. Politics is just a sideshow at this point. It’s all Donald all day now. Can’t help but wonder where we’re going with this…

  4. Kris Etze

    Exactly. Could not agree more.

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