With all of the chaos and troubles and heartbreaking news, etc., I say enough. It’s enough to find the energy to live with all of that, and so I’ve decided that it’s not the time to return to commentary, to this space, on a regular basis. My infrequent postings here are a sign that I’m not willing. I’m ready because I’m writing quite a bit — of memoir, creative non-fiction, and blog posts for fun. My voice for the writing I used to do here is apparently still wanting to be silent, and that’s OK.

In May, I wrote a post about how after not writing anything for so long, I felt like writing again. I thought I wanted to share my opinions, not exclusively about but including what’s been going on in the world. It turns out, though, I don’t want to write about what’s going on. When I sit down to write, Muse wants to focus on my personal creative writing projects, and so we have, and have done some good work together in that regard.

There are many other voices to counteract the negativity, to shine a light in the darkness and on things others may not see. And so I will use my voice in other ways now. I’m retreating again from this space. I will instead use my gifts to change hearts closer to home (one-to-one) and to celebrate living. At least for the time being. Perhaps I’ll return. Perhaps this site’s part of my writing life is complete. I’m not sure. But I’m going to have fun while the universe and my spirit figure that all out.

I’m not oblivious to the world I live in, but I choose with my precious finite time to help where I can and to otherwise celebrate the joy and beauty and positivity I’m made of. I know they can trump (sorry) all of this negativity and regression.

If you’re interested in the blog posts for fun and memoir/creative non-fiction, please visit DaisySmileyFace.com, my personal blog. Sign up for that newsletter if you don’t already get it (quarterly) and/or the daily/weekly blog posts. Seriousness slips in there every now and then, but that site is about all of me, not just the voice of opinion I used in the past. I hope you’ll visit there, if you haven’t already.

Maybe I’ll see you again in this space. But if not, I thank you for reading and being here.