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Waking in Winter

I’m backwards. When most people are settling in for Winter and human forms of hibernation, I’m getting ready to head back out into the world (so to speak), including spending time in this space.

Snowy SceneIt’s been about two years of no longer writing articles and commentary as a job and the time passed was needed to disengage from that reality (and its fatigue, which was more pronounced than I thought). It was kind of like a break-up, albeit a good one, and one that I chose, but a transition nonetheless.

And now, it’s a new year, another year to see and experience the arts from a seat in the house, not from behind the scenes. During the past year, I’ve been to several shows and read about those who create art as a reader, not the person who picked their brains about their artistic processes. I plan to do even more this year.

I’ve also been working on my own art. I’m writing memoir and creative non-fiction and singing with a choir. There are plans to try other artistic endeavors. Maybe someone will end up interviewing me one day — that might be weird, to be on that side of the conversation, but I’d welcome the chat and the chance to tell what it’s like for me to be on this side of the process.

I’ll post reviews of shows that I see and thoughts on other arts / entertainment / pop culture things. A commentary (think Erma Bombeck / life as I see it type stuff — nothing political) may appear as well. New posts go up on Wednesdays, as Muse decides to share, and as events warrant.

I’m looking forward to an art-filled year and to seeing what artful things I can enjoy and create.

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