Muse and Life have fantastic senses of humor. After declaring I would return to writing in this space earlier this year — commentary, arts reviews, and the like — both conspired to have me focus on creative nonfiction/memoir and to keep me so busy with life things that I barely had time to write those. Fickle. Fun. Fooey.

Life things have caused more than a pause at this point and that is allowing me to be still long enough to hear the faint calls of this space again. It went so far, this momentary more than a pause, that a list has been made of things to possibly write about in this space.

Imagine that.

I shall put all the ideas in a hat and allow chance to tell me which one to start with (posting next week).  I’m game. I’ll go with the flow. I can’t wait to see how this goes from now on.

Then I suppose I’ll find out… is there anybody out there? Still? Hello?

Thanks, Pixabay, for the pic!