If Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I’d ask him to give a certain writer and/or copy editor at a small, 1.5-year-old (!) New York newspaper extra goodies in their stockings today. For reminding me that all news (and politics) is local. For finding a way to get attention in the most covered story of the week. And for making me laugh.

It’s not surprising — it is New York. It’s a respite from the fatigue caused by the endless cycle of nutty news from Washington many are suffering, though. And laughter is good medicine, a jolt to revive weary eyes, ears, and souls.

In stark contrast to the major newspapers of the day SHOUTING THE NEWS AT READERS IN ALL CAPS (it is major, I’ll give them that), this local read gives a formerly local man the treatment many think he deserves (his current title notwithstanding).

On this joyous holiday, I share the thing that bestowed upon me some mirth and joy. Upon reading it, I chuckled and my belly shook like a bowl full of jelly. So thank you, Queens Daily Eagle reporter and/or copy editor, for reporting on the president of the United States of America’s latest predicament this way:

Queens Man Impeached

“… and the first from Queens.”