Welcome to my tiny space on the Internet. This site has been many things through the years, including a showcase for my arts/entertainment and other articles, and, most recently, a placeholder for the past couple of years as I transitioned from being an arts writer to simply an arts enjoyer. Even if I’m not writing articles, though, I’m still a big fan of communication, and that’s why I kept this site (and have, since 2001). It’s a fun way to connect with the world.

So if I’m not an arts writer (my last freelance incarnation), then who am I? Well, I’m the same person I’ve always been, but with a steadier paycheck and no media deadlines! I go to a workplace, like most everybody else, but my main job as I see it is to make people smile, so that’s what I do every day. I also like writing memoir and creative non-fiction, reading, watching Jeopardy!, singing, playing board games, buying stationery supplies, baking, engaging in robust conversation, and taking classes for fun.

Some of my favorite articles and essays live on the By TLJ page. If I try to publish anything in the future, links will appear there as well (there’s no plan to focus on that as a goal, so that may or may not happen).

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy your day.

May your world and your heart be filled with peace.