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Two moments on Inauguration Day focused on light. Feeling light. Focusing on the light instead of the darkness. Being light — literally. It’s a challenge through dark times to find the cracks where the light gets in. It’s a challenge dealing with people who willfully choose the darkness. It’s a challenge to not let your own light be extinguished by them, or the times, or the feeling that progress is stunted, or glacial, or nonexistent.

But the light persists.

As long as there are those who keep it aflame, it always will. Count me among them.

It’s rare, the poet that can make me stand up and cheer. I was but one of many. Thank you, Amanda Gorman.

There is always light…. if only we’re brave enough to see it…. if only we’re brave enough to be it….


It IS often I stand up and cheer after a Broadway show (in the COVID Before Times, I mean). Seeing this performance of two amazingly powerful songs, though, still has me dancing.


P.S. Can we please increase our funding for the arts and humanities? Listen to these two things and tell me they don’t matter enough to bother trying harder to keep them alive and in schools.

Culture cures during COVID

As information headed for overload and change became the only constant, culture provided comfort. As 2020 ends, let’s look back at some of my favorite things from literary, visual, and other worlds that helped me survive this crazy year.

When it pours

William Faulkner thought drinking was integral to writing (and life). If he spilled his whiskey, though, he’d ruin his work and make a mess (and likely be morose about it). Some artists have it much easier. Take Kim Klabe. She can’t even begin to create until she spills her wine and beer.

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