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The whole world is not on Facebook, though it may feel that way. I know. I used to. But that was before I deactivated my account, for good.

It was easier to quit than I thought. Why did I think it would be difficult?

A Pressing Issue

Something in the news lately, tied to politics, is bugging me: the way some people are talking about and acting towards the media and journalists. Journalists do an important job — questioning authority, looking for things in the dark that should be brought into the light. But even if the job wasn’t important, they deserve, like everybody else, to go to work feeling safe. In these times, though, being a journalist is a becoming a dangerous job in America.

Celebrate the freedom to read

It’s Banned Books Week! First observed in 1982, Banned Books Week aims “to remind Americans not to take this precious democratic freedom for granted.”

Through the years, many books now considered classics have been banned or suggested for banning. Have you read a banned book? You have if you’ve read:

Snail Mail Blues

A cup of coffee. Most candy from vending machines. A subway token.

These items can’t be bought for 50 cents or less. People buy them anyway, without thought or complaint.

But ask people to pay more for first-class postage?

Are you insane?

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