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It’s November (I think) and I’m grateful

It’s November — says my calendar and the occasional chill in the air that lets me see my breath (good thing because COVID time means I often don’t know the month). The trees are almost bare. Thanksgiving approaches. I’m reminded of the things for which I’m grateful even during this extremely trying and tiring year.

Astro-not me

Adventurous, brave, and patient mortals, I admire thee! Four such souls on Sunday blasted off for a 27-hour trip to the International Space Station. I can’t see taking 24-plus hours to go anywhere let alone into the final frontier. I’m no pioneer (obvs), but thankfully there are those more willing. Take these astronauts…

Queens for a day

If Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I’d ask him to give a certain writer and/or copy editor at a small, 1.5-year-old (!) New York newspaper extra goodies in their stockings today. For reminding me that all news (and politics) is local. For finding a way to get attention in the most covered story of the week. And for making me laugh.

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