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It’s November (I think) and I’m grateful

It’s November — says my calendar and the occasional chill in the air that lets me see my breath (good thing because COVID time means I often don’t know the month). The trees are almost bare. Thanksgiving approaches. I’m reminded of the things for which I’m grateful even during this extremely trying and tiring year.

Astro-not me

Adventurous, brave, and patient mortals, I admire thee! Four such souls on Sunday blasted off for a 27-hour trip to the International Space Station. I can’t see taking 24-plus hours to go anywhere let alone into the final frontier. I’m no pioneer (obvs), but thankfully there are those more willing. Take these astronauts…

Whitney Houston was right

Gen Z, the youths born between 1997-2012, seem to be engaged and interested in change-making. This thought comforts me as the world, as run by the older folks, continues to teeter on the edge of hell (present company older readers excluded). That’s what happens when fear (especially) runs the show (with prejudice and greed, among other things). That WILL change. It IS changing. Good gracious, is progress slow, though. I hate to remind you of this, boomers, but the youngsters — who are on your lawn RIGHT NOW — were born with computers in their hands and, as Van Jones put it recently, were (and are) in kindergarten classes that look like the United Nations. Their world is the future. I wish it was more fully the present. In the meantime, I take solace where I can. Take these kids in Kentucky…

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