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Zen and the art of napkin folding

I’ve always fancied myself a positively proper party preparer, folding napkins and setting places just so. I was pleased with my results and always enjoyed the beauty of a pretty table presentation. Little did I know that there are people like me taking presentation to a whole other level. I unfold my flatware pocket napkin and dab my brow as I’m overcome by the beauty and wonder of a little thing called tablescaping.

Queens for a day

If Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I’d ask him to give a certain writer and/or copy editor at a small, 1.5-year-old (!) New York newspaper extra goodies in their stockings today. For reminding me that all news (and politics) is local. For finding a way to get attention in the most covered story of the week. And for making me laugh.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

It’s such a good feeling, a very good feeling… at least that was my experience after watching the documentary about Mister Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

Wrestling with writing

I don’t believe in writer’s block per se, but something’s going on. I’m trying to write. I’ve been trying to write. And nothing’s coming out right. *whine*

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