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Zen and the art of napkin folding

I’ve always fancied myself a positively proper party preparer, folding napkins and setting places just so. I was pleased with my results and always enjoyed the beauty of a pretty table presentation. Little did I know that there are people like me taking presentation to a whole other level. I unfold my flatware pocket napkin and dab my brow as I’m overcome by the beauty and wonder of a little thing called tablescaping.

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May the ‘I’s have it?

The world is made for extroverts. As an introvert, I accept that — except when they invade what I consider to be introvert havens, like the theater.  It’s bad enough when people (I assume extroverts) talk during the performance. It’s beyond disturbing, though, when the extroversion’s coming from inside the house.

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Queens for a day

If Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I’d ask him to give a certain writer and/or copy editor at a small, 1.5-year-old (!) New York newspaper extra goodies in their stockings today. For reminding me that all news (and politics) is local. For finding a way to get attention in the most covered story of the week. And for making me laugh. Read more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

It’s such a good feeling, a very good feeling… at least that was my experience after watching the documentary about Mister Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

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