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Let It Be Me

Yes, we couldn’t go anywhere for the longest time. Yes, we still can’t go to crowded places. Yes, we can’t visit with people outside our households. We wear masks. We wash our hands constantly. We deal with pandemic life on the daily, and it’s not easy. Several silver linings appeared for me early on, however. One involves a re-awakening, a re-dedication, a re-igniting of a spark that I will do my best not only to keep lit but to make even larger.

Culture cures during COVID

As information headed for overload and change became the only constant, culture provided comfort. As 2020 ends, let’s look back at some of my favorite things from literary, visual, and other worlds that helped me survive this crazy year.

Christmas tidings

*singing* All I want for Christmas is two shots of vaccine… two shots of vaccine…


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