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And then, ten

That moment came for me years ago, but I like to remember, to be grateful, for this, and so much more that emerged from it, every day. Especially this day.

Those who fly solo have the strongest wings…


The whole world is not on Facebook, though it may feel that way. I know. I used to. But that was before I deactivated my account, for good.

It was easier to quit than I thought. Why did I think it would be difficult?

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Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen:

I had no idea who you are, but I learned about you at this year’s Tony Awards this past Sunday. I admit, I’ve checked out of the arts scene a bit due to no longer freelancing (brain vacation!). I’m happy to meet you, though, since you seem like an interesting kid, therefore an interesting musical. Perhaps I’ll check you out when you tour, now that I know who you are.

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