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I originally wrote a lovely bit when winter arrived. My favorite season. But it never arrived. Lost in the mail? Lost in translation? Lost to climate change? Winter! I really REALLY want you to visit. *sigh* I’m losing hope.

So, home page edits in italics: Winter has arrived but only on my website. The hibernation has begun but I’m wearing shorts because it’s 60 degrees. I might have to turn the A/C on overnight. The turning inward. The comforting. The introspection. The quiet and solitude. This is a pipe dream because the whole world is outside because it’s like April out there. It’s FEBRUARY. See the BR in the middle? Brrrrr! It’s supposed to be cold.

Welcome, my favorite season. I’m so glad you’re back. WINTER, WHERE ARE YOU? This welcome is wishful thinking.

Pen and paper. Computer keyboard. Winter and words are my favorite companions. Well, at least words haven’t let me down this season. Don’t look for me. You won’t be able to find me. Well, you might. I’m the weirdo wearing the new mittens I bought for the season even though it’s too hot and there hasn’t been any snow. I’ll be back when the buds begin to bloom on the trees. At this rate, that will be in a few days. Until then, I am, and hope you will be, free. Free from winter, snow, cold, et al. *sigh*


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