Are we all enjoying the surges and new variants? I never stopped wearing a mask. I won’t until this is really over and/or under control. My resistance against returning to “normal,” whatever that means, is strong. I persist. For safety. For sanity. Because whatever was going on before COVID and whatever is going on now isn’t better. I truly hoped that the slowdown would make the world take a second look at how we’d been operating and agree it wasn’t working, that changes needed to be made. Some did. Not enough.

The past two+ years were awful globally. Personally, they were amazing. Solitude. WFH. A slower pace. Less senseless murder, like in schools, on parade routes, et al. COVID-free and planning to stay that way. More intentional about each moment, and I’ll stay that way, too.

I wander, away from the masses, slowly, filled with peace. Occasionally, I come across a kindred spirit. We pass each other, at a distance of course, knowing we’re smiling at each other from behind our masks. The world can revert (or I say regress). I’ll keep trying to make my little corner a little better, and enjoy really resting in between, like these COVID times taught me I can and must.

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