Snow Day

For me, today was a go-out-and-play day, especially considering that the past few Winters have been sorely lacking in snow. I spent yesterday working and getting things done while the flakes floated to the ground. In the afternoon, after the showers stopped, the sun came out and so did I (with my camera).

The ducks didn’t seem to mind their snow hats.

I took a walk through Tyler State Park…

And just enjoyed the sight of it all, which will be melted by sun or washed away by rain too soon.

I enjoy the beauty of all the seasons (yes, even Summer, when sitting still means sweating like a boxer in the 12th round of a fight). But there’s just something about Winter (and meteorological Winter began Dec. 1).

Maybe it’s my favorite because when it snows, everything slows down and becomes quieter. Maybe I like that it’s fleeting and scenes like these are rare (at least in this region… perhaps I’d feel differently if I lived in Siberia). I don’t know. There’s just something about snow, especially during the holiday season. It’s a gift in a time of giving and it’s my all-time favorite present.

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