Hear ye

It’s been 197 days since I wrote here. I hid the blog from the site for a time, too. This was the last header photo I posted:

I wasn’t sure I was coming back to this place.

I didn’t write anything, for the longest time. My brain shut off and hung a NO WRITING sign for months, and instead turned to taking a lot of photos, watching occasional brainless TV, and spending more time outside.

Muse decided to return in April, with ideas for essays, and so that’s what Muse and I will focus on. I remember reading Paper magazine as a teenager (back when it was really good) and loving the essays in the front of the book. When I read magazines to this day, the first things I devour are the essays. The first piece with my byline was an essay. And so that’s what my focus will be here from now on.

Muse wants to blog again, so I’ll write about writing, or  feature an essay or a photo.

I don’t know where this journey will take me, but it’s just nice to know that, after personal (and political) change that affected me greatly (or should I say it was tremendous), I’m ready to write again. I have new notebooks and pens. I have nothing else asking for my creative energy, and so now more than ever, I have the desire.

I have my words. I have my voice. And apparently, I have things to say.

It’s nice to be back. I’ve missed me.

I'm a writer, a reader, tea drinker, and dreamer. I prefer Bic® Cristal® pens and black & white marble composition books. I always go Back to School shopping – I'm a life-long learner.


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