I first heard this song by an artist I’ve loved for several years sometime in early 2018. For weeks after first hearing it, I had it on repeat forever, and for a while, it made me cry every time I’d listen.

Fast forward a year and she performs it on The Grammys, with her long-time bandmates and collaborators, as the most-nominated artist of the year. This now three-time Grammy winner is someone many people probably have never even heard of, but that’s changing, rapidly.

My favorite part of this particular performance, a tune she’s performed a zillion times since By The Way, I Forgive You came out (and that I’ve seen a zillion times on YouTube), is her glee, jumping up and down after nailing the vocals. I couldn’t help but smile watching that as this somewhat unsung artist was thrust into the spotlight after years of hard work, and with such beautiful, emotional songwriting and storytelling.

Enjoy The Joke by Brandi Carlile.

Here’s the official video in case the CBS broadcast version won’t play where you are.