In the pink

When life gets busy in the middle of a pandemic and everything starts to look alike, life, and kind souls, offer the opportunity to stop and take a minute to see the beauty right in front of you.

A bright new friend, delivered yesterday — an unexpected gift, a cheerful hello. “Happy still-stuck-in-a-pandemic birthday. Hope this brings some joy today.” It did, but even more because of the kindness behind it.

Gifts are all around, even during a once-in-my-lifetime (I hope) pandemic.

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  1. Happy Birthday! The pink flower is beautiful and so refreshing to see. Kindness rocks so whoever gave you these flowers is a star.

  2. stephen oneill Avatar
    stephen oneill

    Happy Birthday, Tara. A short and sweet “Tara’s Take.”


  3. The flowers are still going (most of them anyway) two weeks later! I’ve not seen Gerbera daisies last this long. :-)

  4. Thanks, Steve! Sometimes, brevity is best. :-)

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