I am pro-first person, anti-third person when writing an About page. I just thought you should know.

I’m a writer. I’ve been a kid writing bad poetry, a teen writing angsty essays, a columnist, a blogger, a journalist, a freelance writer. I’m also a creative writer, an avid list maker, and exuberant email sender. (I am not a fan of texting, unless you’re in the parking lot trying to find me, because I like words, not abbreviations.)

Words and I go way back.

When I’m not writing, I read (more words! by others!), take pictures, sing, buy volumes of notebooks I’ll never be able to fill, bake, engage in robust conversation, and take classes for fun. After a year of COVID-19 restrictions, some classes are still online. Don’t tell anybody, but I actually like that, a lot.

Some of my favorite published pieces live on the By TLJ page. I also tweet sometimes. Twitter can be fun, but like all social media, it can also be a time vampire. (I’m on Instagram with a private account and Facebook-free since 2015.)

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Thanks for reading, especially you who have for years, maybe even from the beginning. I’m grateful for you and happy you’re here.

May your world and your heart be filled with peace.