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Category: Just for Fun

Is this thing on?

Muse and Life have fantastic senses of humor. After declaring I would return to writing in this space earlier this year — commentary, arts reviews, and the like — both conspired to have me focus on creative nonfiction/memoir and to keep me so busy with life things that I barely had time to write those. Fickle. Fun. Fooey.

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The whole world is not on Facebook, though it may feel that way. I know. I used to. But that was before I deactivated my account, for good.

It was easier to quit than I thought. Why did I think it would be difficult? Read more

Snow Day

For me, today was a go-out-and-play day, especially considering that the past few Winters have been sorely lacking in snow. I spent yesterday working and getting things done while the flakes floated to the ground. In the afternoon, after the showers stopped, the sun came out and so did I (with my camera).

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